General review 2

I have really loved reading all your books. I have just finished Blue Moon which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Just wanted to let you know I love reading your books. As soon as I pick up one of your books I find it hard to put it down and always think oh just another chapter.
My Mother in Law lives in Goring, so it is nice to hear some of the local villages mentioned so not only do I feel as though I know the character you write of, but also where they live.
Thank you for giving me some ‘me’ time

Blue Moon

thank you for your talk at WI. My thoughts on Blue Moon
Loved the period detail. You were very skilful in weaving what must have been a lot of research into all your local detail.
With the ‘blackshirts’ plot line you managed to convey rather cleverly how that movement might have appeared attractive at the time. This was a real page turner. Despite its size I finished it on Saturday night! Interesting to see this interwar period tackled so well… unusual. Didn’t realise the camps were operating that early on. Chilling. I’m intrigued as to what happens next… Looking forward to the next thrilling instalment.

There’s Always Tomorrow

I have just finished reading “There’s Always Tomorrow” and I wanted to write to tell you how much I loved it. I was initially drawn to the book as it is set around the Worthing area which is where I grew up but as soon as I started reading it I was hooked and couldn’t put it down.

I loved the way the story developed, all the little surprises along the way which I wasn’t expecting and I thought the ending was perfect. It has definitely made its way onto my favourite book list.

I am really looking forward to reading your other books and will be buying them all now!

Bath times

Thank you for writing about your experiences in Bath Times. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. I now look forward to reading your other books.

West Sussex Writers

Pam has a fantastic ability to communicate with writers at every stage of their career. On the occasions Pam has talked to our group, or given a workshop, everyone has left having learned something new about writing. Her enthusiasm and willingness to share her knowledge and experience make her an ideal speaker for any group of people interested in books – either as writers or readers.

Bath Times & Nursery Rhymes

Thank you for a very entertaining and informative read.