Mother’s Day

As you will no doubt have seen in the product details on Amazon, my publishers have decided to re-release FOR BETTER FOR WORSE with a more contemporary book cover. This is because they hope it will appeal to readers who have never read my books before. It’s changed its name as well and is now called MOTHER’S DAY. I know some of you are eagerly waiting for my latest book and it will hit the shelves in June. Not long to wait now! It’s called SING THEM HOME and it’s the story of three girls who make friends after a plane comes down in Worthing causing some fatalities. (true story) They become the Sussex Sisters, Britain’s answer to the Andrews Sisters during the war. Of course, being in one of my stories means that it’s not all plain sailing. There’s mystery, fun and laughter and perhaps a murder along the way. In the meantime, just to keep you going, March 22nd sees the release of my novella Amy’s Seaside Secret on Kindle. All of these stories are in bookshops and available on Amazon. Right now I’m working on my next venture which is about two cousins working in a garage in 1946…. ah, that’s another story