Goodnight Sweetheart

I hope as you read this that you well and in good health. Since the Coronavirus hit our shores, many, like me, have been confined to their homes. We’ve had time on our hands to be with family, to catch up with all those ‘round to-it’ jobs and to read.

In my new book, Goodnight Sweetheart, Frankie meets the love of her life. He’s a doctor, he’s American, he’s handsome, fun to be with and he’s black. Journey with me through the book as Frankie fulfils her dreams and rises above all opposition to hold on to the belief that love can conquer all… or can it?

To write this I have taken a very small leaf from my own life story. My father was an American doctor, who came to this country in 1943 and died on the beaches of Normandy for his country the following year.

Currently number 28 on the Amazon Hot New Releases List, Goodnight Sweetheart will be published on May 18th. You can pre-order from Amazon or Waterstones.