Amy’s Seaside Secret

Amy’s Seaside Secret

For those of you who enjoyed reading about her in Woman’s Weekly, here is another story from Amy Hobbs’ case book

Police Woman Amy Hobbs has been patrolling the streets of Worthing for six months. As the only female officer in the constabulary, dealing with old-fashioned attitudes from senior officers is a daily battle.

When a call comes in from local fishermen who have spotted a woman’s body floating in the River Rife, Amy accompanies Sergeant Goble to investigate. Meanwhile, a spate of thefts have been reported across the town. Everything from coal and milk, to food and bikes has been disappearing. Is a strange tramp connected to the stolen items? With a visit from her sister and an imminent pancake race to train for on the upcoming Shrove Tuesday, Amy has her hands full but you can be sure she is just the person to solve the mystery.


Priced £1.89, this e-book will be released on March 22nd and can be pre-ordered from Amazon