Always in my Heart

Always in my heart

1939. When war is declared, twins Shirley and Tom are almost fifteen. They are very close to their mother, but she has TB and must go to a sanatorium. Shirley and Tom are evacuated to the coastal town of Worthing. Tom is sometimes slow to understand the world around him but Shirley helps him get by and is his best friend and ally.

The twins are taken in by a local farmer, but their new home quickly proves to be far from a rural dream. Tom is forced to do back-breaking work and sleep in an outhouse which is far from ideal. Even the farmer’s wife who is heavily pregnant, seems to be living in fear of her husband and there’s a big question mark over what actually happened to his first wife who drowned in the local pond. Having refused to get a midwife, it will be up to Shirley, with no experience in the matter, to help her deliver her baby.