Writing Non-Ficiton

When it comes to writing a Non-fiction Book:

  • You need a ‘new angle’ on your subject. Re-inventing the wheel will not get you published. Find a few sentences which will convince the publisher this is a book with a difference.

  • Read other non-fiction books, especially those books already published by your chosen publisher. Every publisher had a ‘style’.

  • Make your work as perfect as possible. If giving instructions, make sure they are idiot proof.

  • Send synopsis and first chapter. Include table of contents. Remember you only get one shot with each publisher so make it as professional as possible.

  • Use Writers’ & Artists Year Book / Writers’ Handbook to find the ideal publisher for your book.

  • Make your cover letter brief and to the point. Remember it’s a business letter.

  • State your qualifications for writing this book. (You’ve got a Master’s Degree in pot scouring/ or spent fifteen years of following the team, etc.)

Don’t forget Non-Fiction for young readers:

Young Readers (3-5) this book has to appeal to the buyer, i.e. Mum /Teacher

Early readers (5-8) like something to do

Intermediate readers (8-12) enjoy learning with humour

Young teens (12+) near adult interests and knowledge.

Movie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

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