Writing for the over 50’s

Ten top tips on writing for the over 50’s.

  1. Assume your reader doesn’t feel old. Most of us stick at 27 internally!
  2. Don’t talk about ‘times gone by’ or ‘in the old days’… talk about now. 
  3. Cut out all sentimentality, unless the magazine you’re writing for is unashamedly sentimental and nostalgic.
  4. Use clear, good, plain English.
  5. Highlight achievements – write about over 50’s who have succeeded.
  6. Allow your reader to fantasise – factual articles where people blow money on themselves, take exotic trips, have late romances, abandon selfless life after lifelong service…
  7. Keep articles to around 800 words.
  8. Include references to fitness, sports & good health. (a large number of London marathon runners are 50+) Avoid clichés. 
  9. Use humour and wit – these readers understand irony.
  10. Food, travel, health, money… all 50+ readers are interested. 


Know your reader

Over 50s readers are:

  • Interested in travel
  • Have some disposable income
  • Enjoy features written just for them – by someone of similar age
  • Enjoy tips and advice to help them make the most of their money
  • Need good ideas for their leisure time and entertaining
  • Health conscious
  • Interested in hobbies (far more than 20-30s group)
  • Interested in books and reading, food, eating out entertaining
  • Like using computers
  • Some enjoy riding motorbikes – the average age of a Harley Davidson owner is 46
  • Don’t like wallowing in the past but enjoy 1960 nostalgia
  • Interested in easy, stylish food that needs limited cooking
  • Enjoy workshops and courses