As 2016 moves along, I want thank you for all the encouragement and fun you’ve given me. You have written emails, put reviews on Amazon and I’ve enjoyed meeting so many of you when giving talks. Have a brilliant year and keep reading!

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Look out for my new book which is a sequel to Blue Moon. We follow the same characters, Ruby and Jim Searle into the next phase of their lives together. Their marriage held such promise but as we shall see, life has a way of dashing our expectations.

As with Blue Moon, it is possible to pre-order this from our friends at Amazon so that the book is delivered, in your preferred format, on the day of release.

LOVED WALKED RIGHT IN_red_b_smallRuby and Jim Searle are running a guest house in Worthing, but the newlyweds have had a difficult start to their marriage. Their troubles are only set to get worse when orphan Jim starts to unravel an unpleasant secret from his past.

The guest house is in much demand and Ruby is asked to take in two German schoolboys on a cultural exchange. She agrees, but when they arrive they seem a lot older and their activities are far from innocent. The boys’ arrival is followed by that of two Jewish refugees and Ruby does as much as she can to help these young girls in her care.

The country gears up for war and Ruby throws herself into war work as a distraction from her personal troubles. The mystery connected to Jim’s childhood deepens, with devastating consequences. And as war is declared, Ruby’s life is changed forever . . .

Happy reading!

Love Pam