Publication day is coming around fast!

Always In My Heart will hit the shelves on June 15th. This is my seventh saga and this time it’s slightly different. It centres around Shirley and Tom who have been evacuated to Angmering, a small village four miles from Worthing. Their mother, Florrie has just been diagnosed with TB and faces a long regime of treatment. Shirley and Tom are sent to a run-down farm where they are expected to do their share of the chores. The farmer’s wife is heavily pregnant and when the baby comes, it falls to Shirley to help her. They become friends but then Shirley stumbles across a dark secret which will alter all their lives for ever.

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Pre-Order the new book from Pam Weaver!

blue moon_more changes6This is my first book with my new publisher, Pan Macmillan.  It is called Blue Moon and is available to order on Amazon.

If you buy this from Amazon, please send in a review. I always like to know what you think of a book.

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Coming in 2015

coming-in-2015-blocky-text[1]Hot off the press: My new novel Blue Moon will be published in July 2015. As soon as I get the proofs, I’ll put a picture of the front cover here. Also I am very excited that Pan-macmillan have asked me to write a novella which will hit the shelves next Christmas.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Hot off the Press!

I have just completed the second draft of my next saga which is called Blue Moon. Just to give you a taster, it’s 1933 and Ruby Bateman works as a chambermaid in Warnes Hotel, Worthing. Her life is ordinary and uneventful until…

Ruby had reached room 40 and knocked the door. There was no answer so Ruby went in. The room was a tip and her heart sank. It was going to take some time to tidy all this. It looked as if the guest had thrown the whole of her wardrobe on the floor. A half packed case lay on the bed. Ruby tripped over a shoe as she walked in and found the matching pair on the dressing table. She began picking up dresses and putting them on the hangers in the wardrobe. The shoes went into a shoe rack. It was only as she reached the bed that Ruby noticed the blood. At first she struggled to comprehend what she was seeing. Had the guest started her monthlies in bed? She had come across that sort of thing before. Not very pleasant and embarrassing if she was in the room with the guest at any time, but an unavoidable fact of life. Yet something told her this was different. This was something more.

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