Blue Moon

blue moon_more changes6It was an exciting time launching this as my latest book. Already reviewers have said:

  • What a terrific read – Saga fans everywhere will love it and be asking for more from this talented author (Annie Groves)
  • An engaging and gripping post war saga . . . a hard-hitting story of female friendship tested against the odds (Take A Break)
  • A heartrending story about mothers and daughters (Kitty Neale)
  • Pam Weaver presents us with a real page-turner – with richly-drawn characters and a clever plot (Caring 4 Sussex)
  • The characters are so richly drawn and authentic that they pull the reader along through the story effortlessly. This book is a real page turner, which I enjoyed very much (Anne Bennett)
  • An uplifting memoir told with real honesty (Yours)
  • Pam’s thorough research of Worthing’s recent history and family life makes for a solid background to her intriguing stories. Ruby is the daughter of a cruel fisherman whose only loves are her younger sister and his work. When circumstances come together to bring Ruby happiness, fate steps in to halt her ambition. This tale of a fishing community has lots of hooks and red herrings. A very clever plot. (Wendy Greene, Caring 4 Sussex)

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